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I’ve been a personal injury attorney for over 39 years. Over the years, I’ve met a great many people – people who were hurting and looking for help. No matter who you are, or your circumstances, I’ll always give you 100%. I’ll work hard to get you what you deserve: address your concerns, answer your questions and ultimately obtain the compensation you deserve. There are many law offices here in Massachusetts, but I can promise you that I’ll work the hardest on your behalf. Most importantly, I’ll get you results. I look forward to working with you.

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Car Accidents

When personal injuries occur in an auto accident, there are many matters that require close attention. Your attorney will determine who is at fault, notify the appropriate insurance companies, monitor your medical care and document the claim for any lost wages and medical billing.

Premises Liability

To pursue such a claim, some proof of negligence must be established.  This negligence means that the property owner failed to use reasonable care in maintaining their property. Properly organizing a claim as soon as possible after the personal injury occurs increases the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Worker's Compensation

An injured worker must establish that the personal injury occurred in the course of their employment. Additionally, the worker’s medical treatment and, if applicable, lost time from work is due to the disabling work injury. Navigating the legal system established by the workers’ compensation law is essential to obtaining a successful outcome for the injured worker.

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Why Choose Me?

Over the many years of practicing personal injury law, I know that each client trusts that I seek the best possible outcome on their behalf.  When I first meet a client, there are often misconceptions about my role and the claim process.  I take the time to educate my client about their claim. 

I understand that for each of my clients, their experience is unique.  By the end of our initial meeting, my client understands what is expected from my office and what steps will take place going forward.  This philosophy continues throughout my representation with results that meet with their expectations.

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Free Consultation

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident or has been injured, please reach out for a free personal injury consultation.

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Contact me any day at any time and I’ll be there to offer support and guidance on any personal injury situation.

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Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me about your case. I’ll take the time to listen to the details and to give you my professional opinion free of charge.


My time and services cost you absolutely nothing until I win your case. In the event that I don’t win your case, you owe nothing!


Words From My Clients

  • John Angelo is an excellent lawyer who definitely cares about his clients. I know this as I saw the amount of work he put into my case. I was willing to settle my case but I listened to him, put my trust in him and he delivered with a higher settlement. I know he will do the same for all his clients. He knows what it takes to get results.

    Steve C.
    Halifax, MA
  • I utilized the services of Attorney Angelo for a personal injury case. Throughout the entire process, he explained all aspects of the case and deliberations. I was more than satisfied with his ability to obtain a reasonable compensation for the injuries that I received.

    Paula F.
    Middleboro, MA
  • John was a pleasure to have as an attorney. He was was very professional, extremely personable, and was always there for any questions I may have had. He walked me through the whole process and calmed any nerves I may have had.

    Patrick R.
    Fall River, MA
  • I found John Angelo to be not only a lawyer but a lawyer with a heart!

    Donna A.
    Buzzard's Bay, MA
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