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On the Road Again: Insurance Review

The effects of the state reopening is apparent in the increased traffic on our roads and highways. Alas, an easier commute is becoming a fond memory as traffic congestion resumes, a price we are grateful to pay to have people return to work. Therefore, it is more important than ever to take necessary safety precautions, and review your insurance policy, now that we are back on the road.


Wearing your seatbelt and avoiding cellphone use while driving is always essential.


It is always a good idea to review your insurance policy. Make sure you have adequate coverages. Increasing your limits can be done at any time and is not dependent on the renewal date. If the increase doesn’t fit your budget, shopping around for a more competitive rate can be easily done through an agent or online. Your increases should focus primarily on Parts 3 and 12. These important sections offer you and household members added protection if a serious injury were to occur when the at fault vehicle has inadequate limits (Part 3), or even no insurance (Part 12). Consider at least $100,000 as an appropriate limit. It may sound like a pricey upgrade, but in relation to other premiums on your policy it’s one of the least expensive.

Stay safe and healthy.


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