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Personal Injury Claim Resolution Process

When I meet a new client, I am often asked how long their claim will take to resolve. For many people this is their first, and hopefully only, personal injury claim. Sometimes they know of other circumstances involving a friend or relative where the claim was resolved quickly, or perhaps was drawn out through the litigation process.

A client’s claim can be impacted for many different reasons, with the most common being the client’s injuries and their subsequent treatment.

I typically meet a client for the first time shortly after they are injured. Therefore, it is impossible to predict the course of care. I always ask the client to keep me informed and to follow their treating doctor’s advice, so they can get better as soon as possible. Less serious injuries may resolve with a few weeks of physical therapy or chiropractic care. While other injuries may require sophisticated diagnostic testing, such as an MRI scan, which may reveal a more serious medical condition requiring additional treatment options.

Once the client notifies me that they are at a medical end result, I diligently obtain all medical records and bills.

More significant injuries may require that I seek a detailed narrative report from the treating specialist. Finally, the at-fault insurer may not value the claim appropriately, or perhaps dispute the degree of fault, thereby necessitating the filing of a lawsuit.

Throughout this entire process, my clients are fully informed of the status of their claim. It is ultimately the client’s decision to determine the direction it will take, either with a settlement or a lawsuit, if necessary.

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