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The Importance of Experts

Despite the safety improvements mandated by federal and state law, tragic circumstances can arise due to design flaws, inadequate installation or a myriad of other negligent acts that result in severe injury or even death.

The case below illustrates the importance of an expert’s opinion on what safety features were lacking in the tragic death of a 24-year-old worker. Read about the case: Fort Worth Dickies Arena gate that crushed man had 14 flaws, expert says.

When a products liability claim is pursued, experts can help identify the failures that cause such tragic circumstances. This is just one example of the importance in using a qualified expert to establish negligence.

Don’t Hesitate.

Contact me as soon as possible to determine if a claim exists. At no cost to you, I will review all the facts to determine whether there is a potential claim. If there is a potential claim, I will proceed on your behalf to recover what you fairly deserve. Over my thirty-four years in personal injury law, I have represented clients injured due to faulty equipment, and I don’t get paid until I obtain a successful result. For a free consultation call The Law Offices of John G. Angelo.


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