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Protecting the Public from Harm

Personal injury is not just about obtaining financial resolution for a victim or their family. Occasionally, cases rise to a level that protect the public at large. For example, there was a mold outbreak involving linens provided by a chain of Pittsburgh hospitals that led to severe illnesses and even several deaths.

Read the article: UPMC and cleaning company settle bulk of mold death lawsuits

After five years of litigation, the hospital and the linen cleaning company reached confidential settlements estimated to be in the millions. Besides the financial recovery, the cases took the important step of improving health care. The hospital changed the way it provides linens to immunocompromised patients, as well as how it administered antibiotics. The hospital went as far as to fund its own nationwide study of 15 other transplant and cancer centers around the country to see if they could find mold on hospital linens. As a result, they did find mold on linens in other hospitals.

As one attorney who represented a family said, “If tort law is going to work, the whole idea is to make the world a safer place, and the more knowledge people have, the better.”

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