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While representing an injured client, an issue that may arise is inconsistent medical treatment. Many injuries fall within the category of soft tissue injuries to the spine. Commonly known as a strain or sprain, the client may typically be referred to a physical therapy program or seek chiropractic treatment. It is crucial that the injured client seek consistent treatment.

Most importantly, consistent medical treatment aids in the recovery time and allows for detailed documentation of the pain and suffering claimed by the patient. Although, there may be legitimate reasons why some gaps in treatment have occurred, insurers will highlight missed appointments or gaps in care as evidence that the pain and suffering was minimal or even absent.


Inconsistent medical treatment can directly impact the evaluation and resolution process. When I initially meet a client, I stress the need to maintain the necessary treatment protocol to achieve the healthy recovery they are seeking. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for me to stay up-to-date with my clients by discussing their course of medical care. I guarantee a high level of individual focus and commitment to each client’s case that is an essential component in making a claim.

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