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Auto Accident 101

Auto Accident 101: The Basics When Personal Injuries Occur

If you end up in an auto accident, before you go home and call your insurance agent, there are some things you can do to make sure your personal injury claim goes smoothly.

Document, Document, Document

Call the police to make a written report. This increases the likelihood of a correct version of what happened being recorded for the insurance companies. If you’re in pain, it’s a good idea to tell the police officer what hurts, as they usually put that into the report.

Did You Just See What Happened?

If there are any witnesses, an independent eyewitness can make all the difference to determine who was at fault. Ask for their contact information or better yet, have the police speak to the witness.

They Call It a Smartphone For a Reason

Today, everyone has one. If you can physically make use of the camera, take pictures of the cars that are involved to display how they are positioned, as well as where they are located in the intersection or roadway.

The Other Driver’s Comments

If the other driver admitted fault, make sure you note that. Also, if someone else heard it, note that too. Most importantly, if a police officer is present, they should speak to the other driver to confirm the driver’s admission of fault.

That’s OK, I’ll Shake It Off

You’re not Braveheart, if you’re injured seek medical attention as soon as possible. Ambulance services are easily available to take you to an emergency room. Even if you decline taking an ambulance, you may find the pain isn’t going away. It’s important to seek medical care as soon as possible and report every body part that is hurting (see above: document, document, document). 

That’s Why I’m Here

Focus on your medical treatment and let me, a professional with over 34 years of experience in personal injury, do the rest. The sooner we meet the better your claim will be when it is presented to the insurance company.  Despite the TV ads, insurance companies are not your friend. I will make sure that you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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