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200,000 Dangerous Airbags Remain Unrepaired in Massachusetts

My practice of personal injury helps people who are victims of negligence. Sometimes however, I can help educate the public about the inherent dangers lurking in everyday life in the hopes that significant harm can be avoided. Take a moment to review the link below.

Read the article: 200,000 Dangerous Airbags Remain Unrepaired in Massachusetts

The article provides a link to check and see if a vehicle is on the recall list. Furthermore, the article lists the vehicles that fall into the ‘do not drive’ category, as their airbags are considered a higher risk. The explosive nature of a deployed airbag that is defective will emit shards of metal that can cause serious injury and even death.

If you or someone you know has one of those higher risk vehicles, check with local dealers as many of them will provide free towing or a loaner to avoid using the defective vehicle.

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